When Not to Get a Massage

When performed by a trained professional, massage therapy appears to have very little serious risks. You might feel temporary pain or discomfort in the days following, but that is to be expected.

There are however conditions a person may suffer from that could be made worse by the application of massage. Certain conditions mean that therapy should not be applied in any way, as it unsafe for either the patient or the therapist.

Other conditions that are less severe might require adjusted treatments to avoid further aggravation, or a doctor’s approval beforehand.

Acute Inflammation

Massage will only make the inflammation worse as more blood will travel to that area. Chronic inflammation might be assisted by massage but avoided in the acute stages.

Acute Injuries

Acute injuries and sprains should be avoided for at least 48 hours after injury, although time can vary depending on the circumstances

Acute Infectious Conditions

The increased circulation of blood could escalate the severity of the illness. If you have a cold, flu, or any other contagious disease, therapy should be avoided for the sake of you and the practitioner.

Skin Conditions

People suffering from skin disorders such as cuts, bruises or burns may be able to receive a massage with the therapist avoiding those areas. Contagious skin disorders such as tinea, ringworm and herpes can be spread by massage. If you are showing symptoms of these, you should not get a massage to ensure the safety of the therapist and their practice.

Blood Clots

Massage can loosen blood clots, causing them to travel through the blood stream and lodge in the brain, lungs, or heart. This can cause life threatening conditions such as an embolism.

Heart Failure

Increasing the blood flow can put addition strain on the heart, causing complications.


In people with high blood pressure, the increase in circulation can cause problems. If you don’t have your blood pressure under control and regularly monitored by a doctor, you should not get a massage.


Pregnant woman should only receive treatment from a trained prenatal massage therapist. They have been trained to know the specifics of treating a pregnant woman.


Certain cancers can be spread through the lymphatic system, which massage can help to increase circulation of. Consult with your doctor before seeing a therapist.

Kidney or Liver Conditions

Receiving a massage increases the circulation of blood in the body and helps to remove waste and toxins. If you’re suffering from kidney or liver conditions, this can put extra strain on these organs.

Severe Unknown Cause of Pain

If you have an unknown cause of severe pain, massage could aggravate the condition and make it worse.

If you are suffering from any serious medical conditions, consult your doctor before seeking massage treatment. Before you book a session, make sure to always inform your therapist of any health issues that may affect the work.

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