What Is Structural Integration? (Anatomy Trains Structural Integration)

Anatomy Trains Structural Integration (also known as ATSI) is a physical therapy developed by Thomas Myers that works on the body’s connective tissue, or fascia, by looking at the myofascial meridians. It was adapted from the original form of structural integration created by Ida Rolf, who Thomas was a student of.

Thomas Myers developed myofascial meridians to map the fascial system, a sheet of connective tissue which surrounds and stabilises all the body’s structures. These meridians are used to explain the role of the fascial system in relation to how the body functions.

The meridians serve as the system that balances your body’s structure and function, helping to maintain integrity. These lines can be restricted, causing your body to compensate elsewhere and create dysfunction in the body’s alignment.

Fascia is made up mainly of collagen, which means over time it can lose its hydration and elasticity or become stuck and disorganised. It can be damaged due to repetitive movement or injury and lead to your body wearing down unevenly. This can cause many different types of pain, including chronic problems like backache or neck and shoulder pain. It can also restrict movement and cause tightness.

ATSI aims to improve your quality of life by restoring your body back to its original function.

A detailed analysis is undertaken to assess where your body needs to be reorganised and how function can be improved. For example, it can correct bad posture and allow your body to move freely by manipulating the soft tissue of the fascia. Your therapist will develop an understanding on how to heal your specific problems and continue to evaluate your condition throughout the entire process.

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