What is Sports Massage?

Sports massage is a therapy developed to assist you before, during and after physically demanding events. It’s used to prevent the occurrence of injury and restore the body to its peak functionality by increasing mobility and promoting the healing of damaged areas. It is a common therapy used by athletes to help with performance and recovery.

What does a sports massage involve?

Sports massage sessions are tailored to treat specific injuries with a defined outcome. They work on tight and inactive muscles, so treatment can be quite intense depending on your situation.

Your therapist will evaluate your specific treatment based on your lifestyle and the impact that those actions have on your body. This involves talking to you about what’s causing the problem and what you want to achieve, followed by a physical examination.

There is no one particular technique with sports massage, as each individual has a specific treatment outlined for their injury. Physiotherapy techniques like effleurage and friction are applied as appropriate to the situation.

What are the health benefits of sports massage?

Sports massage aims to improve performance prior to your activity by increasing blood circulation and loosening the muscle. This allows more efficient movement and can help prevent common injuries that occur during exercise.

It also speeds up recovery time if used after an event by helping to flush out toxins and remove waste products such as lactic acid. This aids in the prevention of delayed onset muscle soreness that’s typical after performing strenuous physical activity.

Who should get a sports massage?

Anyone can benefit from sports massage; you don’t need to be an athlete. If you’re physically pushing your body on a regular basis, then sports massage could help you perform at your peak for longer!

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